Ruth Page
(1899 - 1991)

Ruth Page trained as a ballerina under several prominent dancers.

She traveled and danced all over the world.

Page valued innovation and experimented with many different dance forms, deliberately blending traditions to bring uniquely American themes to the stage.

Music: ‘Not For Me’ performed by Ella Fitzgerald

Sack Mask, and Stick

During her ‘Sack, Mask, and Stick’ period Page experimented with particularly innovative dances.

In dances like ‘Variation on Euclid’ or ‘Expanding Universe’ she managed to create striking new visual effects on the stage.

Dancing in the Sack

Page was also influenced by other avant-garde artists.

Her relationship with the sculptor Isamu Noguchi was particularly important. 

Noguchi designed the sack-like costumes used in Page’s ‘Expanding Universe.’

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