Chicago was a city of connections, linking the East to the West. 

It was a dynamic environment that encouraged artistic innovation and experimentation. 

The artists in this exhibit helped create that artistic legacy.

Music: ‘The Creator has a Master Plan’ by Pharoah Sanders

Dunham's Legacy: Red Clay Dance Company

Katherine Dunham’s legacy lives on through the dancers at Chicago’s Red Clay Dance Studio.

Founded by Vershawn Sanders-Ward, Red Clay keeps Dunham’s unique dance style alive.

In this way, Dunham’s legacy serves as an important source of community even to this day.

Learn more about the Red Clay Dance Company by visiting their website:  Red Clay Dance Company

Brooks' Legacy: South Side Community Art Center

Learn more about the South Side Community Art Center by visiting their website: South Side Community Art Center


Art Curator

Katherine Dunham


Gertrude Abercrombie


Gwendolyn Brooks




This audio guide was produced by graduate students from the University of Chicago: Fiona Maxwell, Sanjukta Poddar, Cecilia Ringo, Lindsay Apperson, Luiza Osorio G. Silva, & Richard S. Young. Thank you to The Studs Terkel Radio Archive, The Red Clay Dance Company, and The South Side Community Arts Center for interviews and audio material.