Know Complete Khula Pakistani Law (2021 - 2022) By Simple Way

Khula Pakistani Law:

Jamila Advocate, an expert in khula Pakistani laws, can quickly get you divorced in Pakistan. Question: For the past seven years, I have been living with my husband. Our three children are ours. Although my husband was a much worse man than me, I didn't rebel against him. Now, I see him having sex with a woman. This is unacceptable for me. Because I am a sincere wife, I know he loves and respects me. After all this, I don't want him to live with me. However, he doesn't want me to leave him as he regrets his mistakes. Let me know is it sin if I leave him and will khula Pakistani law support me? It is not a sin to ask for khula in Pakistani law from your husband and then leave him. 

Different Step to Get the Khula in Pakistan by Court:

Civilized And Responsible Human Live:

He is probably indulgent in illicit sex. You also tell him that he's sorry. Give him another chance. You may be surprised to learn that khula Pakistani law, although legal, is the most disloyal to Allah. We can understand that it hinders civilized and responsible human lives and is very harmful to the lady whose welfare and needs are dear to Allah. To avoid divorce in Pakistani or Khula Pakistani law, you have another factor: three children must be beautiful, young and deserving of the love of their father. Please, would you consider making this sacrifice? This is for the family, the children, and most importantly, for Allah's sake. Allah does not like separation.



Story of the Girl:

I'm 27 years old. I was married two years ago and we have no children. My husband performs salah regularly. After eight months of marriage, my husband had sexually abused an 8-year-old girl. For Allah's sake, I forgiven him. After 2 to 5 years, he began to abuse boys while I was there. After 19 months of marriage, he began abusing boys while I was available to him. He was caught with a boy. He confessed all of this to me and asked for forgiveness. He was also found guilty of stealing from his work. After these incidents, I am living with my parents, who insist on khula Pakistani law & get divorce in Pakistan. I doubt that I will be capable of fulfilling his rights. I don't want to be with him any longer and would like to start khula Pakistani legal. But I would like to do what pleases Allah.

According to Shariah:

 I asked two scholars for advice and they advised me to return to him according to Shariah. If this ruling was correct, why shouldn't he face punishment? And why should I not file khula Pakistani law against him and seek divorce in Pakistan? In the absence of Sharrah law is it enough to justify divorce in Pakistan because he did the act despite my best efforts to help him? It was quite shocking to learn the extent of your hardships. It is shocking to hear the details that you gave. We felt the need to urge you to get rid of this abominable person and start khula Pakistani laws. Even if he was correct in part, he may not be worthy of sympathy or consideration. The law is supportive of you and allows you to dispose of the filthy company. We want to convey to Allah that divorce in Pakistan/separation between spouses is very disleasing. Therefore, we recommend that you speak to your husband once more. Forgive him for the past and ask him to promise to keep it clean in the future. We are sure you've done enough. You can give him another chance. Even if that fails, you can still ask for what you want and get it. We wish you peace of mind, and a bright future.