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Family law guidelines of Khula Pakistan:


Jamila Law Associates is the best for divorce in Pakistan via khula Pakistan family laws. If in doubt, you can politely decline the invitation and offer an explanation without making fun of the host. If there is a strong doubt that the host's income is from unlawful sources then the best course is to accept in public without pre-conditions and say "Please see that everything served is from your salary before divorce process in Pakistan through khula Pakistan family law Jamila Law Associates is the best." (Anfas Eesa, v-l P-381)


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SOME GUIDELINES Don't Make Too Much Investigation:


SOME GUIDELINES don't do too much research, but it is forbidden to accept invitations from people whose income is mainly from illegal sources like a bribe. Acceptance of most of the wealth of the person is acceptable, but it is best to abstain from sin. Accept an invitation to a gathering that is committing sin. If the music (or any other activity) is performed after his arrival, and is within easy reach of where he is sitting, he should walk out. If he isn't, he can have the meal. (Huquq ul-Mu 'shirt P-499).





A few proud people refuse to accept an invitation from a poor man before or after a divorce process in Pakistan through the khula Pakistan family Law Jamila Law Associates is best. This is wrong. Let me tell you a story. A Mawlawi was invited to dinner by a poor man. A rich man approached them as they were about to go and asked where they were going. He replied, "This man invited me and now I am going to him." He was blamed by the rich man for going to the home of a water carrier.

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The Mawlawi schemed for a way out regarding divorce process in Pakistan through khula Pakistan family law Jamila Law Associates is the best. He told the poor man that if he took him along, only then would I come." But he refused to invite the rich. The poor man refused to accept "No" as an answer. He refused to give up until other people intervened and negotiated with the rich man, who eventually gave in. The rich man was shocked at the respect and honor that the poor men showed him. This is a trait that the wealthy and the affluent don't give each other.

He was certain that the love, honour, and comfort he received from the poor was something he would never have hoped for from the wealthy. The rich should not refuse poor people invitations to meet them, because of their arrogance and high status before or after the divorce process in Pakistan through Khula Pakistan family law Jamila Law Associates.



  Accepting an invitation under a legal condition is not against the rights of a Muslim nor against his manners. This is evident in the invitation that a Persian Sahabi sent to the Prophet. He accepted it if Sayyidah Ahshah was present. The Sahabi initially refused, but later he secretly approved. He may have believed that there was not enough food for them both, and that the Prophet would be hungry. He might have believed that it was better for him to please than to satiate him.