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Khula decree in Pakistan:


Jamila Law Associates can help you obtain a khula decree for Pakistan from divorce lawyers in Pakistan. To obtain Khula in Pakistan, follow the Easy Khula procedure according to Khula Pakistani Law. The Khula Pakistan Family Law gives the right to have the khula papers prepared in Pakistan by a lawyer. If the child has sex with the woman who suckers it, it is considered harmful. However, doctors suggested that some medication be used to treat the side effects. This was done through Pakistani divorce lawyers.


Different Step to Get the Khula in Pakistan by Court:



Some women are extremely weak and have many children in a short time. This causes them to become unhealthy and makes their children chronically weak due to poor quality milk. Is it permissible for them to use medicine to prevent pregnancy in these circumstances? Answer: Without a valid reason, it is not allowed to take preventive measures. The excuse in the above case is valid so it is permissible to use a medication that prevents pregnancy. (Imdad ul Fatwa v-4)





It is not allowed to have an abortion without a reason. If there is a valid reason, abortion is permitted as long as the foetus has no life. It is prohibited to use abortion if there is a likelihood that the foetus will be born alive. This is the same as killing a pure, living person (and is considered murder). The penalty for abortion of a live foetus is five hundred dirham. If it dies after the abortion, the father is responsible. If there is a valid reason, the second and third are permissible. However, the first abortion (of an unborn foetus), is prohibited in any circumstance before the khula decree in Pakistan by divorce lawyers in Pakistan.




These deeds are evil and they repel a sound nature, regardless of whether khula decrees in Pakistan by divorce lawyers in Pakistan. (Din was Danya, P-272)




Homosexuality is an ancient sin. It was first practiced by Sayyidina Lut. They were led by the devil. (Da'wat Abdiyat P-34) Although they did not know it, Sayyidina LUT said to them: "Din was Danya" P-268) Sayyidina was given the command to live in Sedum, and to guide homosexuals. He asked them: Are you committing indecency in which none in the worlds have preceded? (7:80). He explained that they had lustfully turned to men instead of women and exceeded the limits. Allah released Sayyidina Lut e, his family and wife. They perished when he rained stones on them. Allah also punished them by turning the earth upside down and raining stones. They were first raised from the earth and then thrown upside down. Stones rained upon them as they fell. Others claim that the earth was turned upside-down by those inside and stones were rained upon those outside.

According to a Hadith:

It includes touching, looking with an evil intent and even talking to handsome girls and boys to enjoy oneself. These are the consequences of adultery and homosexuality following a khula decree in Pakistan by divorce lawyers in Pakistan. Tip: Adultery is something that should be considered. It is also similar to homosexuality. (Dazat Abdyet, "-9 18");