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Legal Way For Get The Pakistani Divorce Certificate (2021 - 2022) By Family Lawyer

Pakistani Divorce Certificate and Khula in Pakistan:

 Jamila Law Associates is the best law office to obtain khula and Pakistani divorce certificate. This is a sign that men want to be known well. When they are weak, why will their subordinates not be weak after khula in Pakistan and Pakistani divorce certificate? Women cannot claim that men don't listen to them and correct their mistakes. Allah made them 'governors,' while women are 'the governed. (5:34).

Legal Way For get The Pakistani Divorce Certificate:

Authority to Govern:

The governors have the authority to govern. Men can't listen to their governors, and that is the only excuse they have. Men will only believe them if they are willing to eat more salt and not complain. Men do not give up authority in matters of the world. They will not ignore it. (Munaziatul Ilawa, p-34S). WOMEN AS DIRECTORS Men have accepted leadership in affairs concerning marriage function. However, they follow women's orders. The orders are just as stupid as their givers, and they make men dumber than the women who gave them them. (At-Tabligh"-4 p. 100)




 While most men agree to women in custom matters, the few who do not are from Pakistani and Pakistani. Women are not allowed to follow customs because they are religious. These people are western-educated and are stupid enough to not observe these customs. The first type is to be admired, but the second type may be described as those who "run from the rain only for it to drain under the roof water."

Khula in Pakistan:

The reason is that women waste money after khula in Pakistan and Pakistani divorce certificate on customs sometimes but these Englishmen squander money every day on foolish things, like photography, music, extra pairs of shoes, costly garments, etc. They are not exemplary in their attitude, but people who are motivated by religion and want to stop customs from being broken are worthy of respect if they also apply the ruling. (al-Aaqilat al–Ghafllat P-346)


 Why complain about women? I say that men can also desire to do certain things sometimes, but they should ask themselves if it is within the authority of Allah and His Messenger. They can do whatever they want. A man never seeks the guidance of a religious scholar about doing anything. If they see the custom as being beneficial to them, they won't question if Allah's pleasure is involved. They would ignore any reminder that they weren't doing the right thing

 They would even try to justify their actions if they were to hear. They started with one sin, but ended up with multiple sins. There are two methods to eliminate these customs. 1. It is up to the entire community to come together and decide to end these practices. They will soon succeed and the pioneers will be rewarded even after their death. (Islah ur Russum, P-81).


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