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Women and Pakistan For Divorce Certificate:

Get a divorce certificate for Pakistani women. Jamila Law Associates can help you with the khula process in Pakistan. It's strange that women dress up as sweepers when they are at home, but go out dressed and ready for their car. Are they doing this to impress the outsiders? It is not surprising that they don't wear them for the one who bought them. They don't speak politely with their husbands or wear lovely clothes before him. How is it justified after divorce certificate in Pakistan and khula procedure in Pakistan? (al Tabligh, P-91)

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 Allah’s Messenger stated that if any person wears a garment to show off then Allah will grant him the dress of disgrace on the Day of Resurrection. Can anyone confirm that women are acting in the right way? It is okay to dress up to please yourself, but not to improve one's self-esteem. (Hutlltq Uz Zawjayn, P-46)




 I have shown men how to keep women from attending their gatherings. They are furious at me, but the provision (the same type inclines towards each other) won't let a simple prohibition succeed. Men should let them go, but insist that they do not change their clothes and make a firm ruling to ensure that they follow the order. (At-Tabligh v-4 P-3). This is the easiest way for women to avoid going. Men should not allow them to go but insist that they keep their regular clothes and no jewelry after getting a divorce certificate from Pakistan or a khula process in Pakistan.

Mawlana Muhammad Qasim:

Mawlana Muhammad Qasim was told by someone that his wife didn't agree with him when she was disallowed from attending a wedding. He was advised by the Mawlana to make it clear that she shouldn't. However, he stated that he tried his best but she refused. The Mawlana asked her sternly: "If she asks permission to sleep with another person, will you grant it?" The man had no reply to that after divorce certificate in Pakistan and khula procedure in Pakistan. Al Ashrat P-86 Ramadan P-1354 –



The reason women might not be allowed to attend a wedding feast or before non-mahram is because of the possibility that mischief could occur. This is a possibility that can be found in all things that are prohibited (in Shari'ah), as I have already stated. Some believe that if there is no chance of mischief, then they can be allowed to leave.

 The condition for this permission is that they do not wear any ornaments. Women who don't wear the veil can cause mischief in Pakistan after a divorce certificate is issued and in Pakistan during khula procedures. (Anfas Easa v-354, Imdad Ul Fatawa v-229 P-138) Women may change their clothes if they feel dirty but must still wear plain clothes.


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