Best Auto Insurance - Steps to Obtain Loss Information 2021

Steps to obtain loss information.

Upon receipt of the notice of loss, the Auto Insurance Quotes. company asks the insured to provide details of the loss in the following information request.
1. Fire condition and cause;
2. Fire activity and location.
3. The benefit of the insured. This is the standard that the insured claims and whether other people are interested in it.
4. Other home insurance
5. The value of the asset at the time of loss with proof, and the remaining value.
6. The amount of the bill
Providing loss information is also a condition that sets an example for insurance companies.

Using the information above, the insurer can verify:

(1) The policy is in force.
(2) The risk of loss is the risk of being insured.
(3) Bad or lost products are insurance products.
Rules for calculating property value
The cost of insured
1) Price at the time of loss.
2) At the place of damage.
3) Its true or intrinsic value, regardless of its emotional value. Potential loss of profit or other indirect loss should not be considered. Claim

How are complaints made?

Following a fire insurance policy, the management of one or more insured risks on unsecured properties can result in claims. Assets can have one or more insured risks moving simultaneously or continuously. The following conditions must be met for the complaint to be valid:
1. If the insured's risk is misused, or if the insured's risk or other risk is misused, the underlying cause of the loss must be the insured's risk.
2. Risk Abuse should not be subject to policy exceptions.
3. This incident may have damaged the insured's article.
4. The event will have taken place during the insurance period.
5. The insured has to meet all the requirements of the insurance policy as well as the requirements that will be met after the loss.

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Key Facts About Fire Insurance: First Damage

The insured's criminal record may affect the ethical risk that the insurance company must assess and if it does not disclose a serious offense such as theft by the complainant, it will disclose it completely.

Responsibility in case of fire.

In the event of a fire, the insured has an essential responsibility to protect the patient's integrity, as part of which the insured must make every effort to prevent or minimize the damage. To this end, it will (1) take all reasonable measures to prevent or prevent the spread of fire, and (2) in situations where firefighters and others may interfere with them. We will support your efforts. This item allows the insured to send the goods to a safe place. Any damage that may occur to the insured, such as when the fire is extinguished or taken to a safe place, is considered a direct fire damage.
If the insured deliberately violates the obligation, thus increasing the burden on the insurance company, the insured loses the right to compensation from the insurance policy. [7]

Brand insurance rights.

(a) Allocated rights
According to the insurer's obligations, the insurer has legal rights, taking into account the obligation it has assumed to cover the insured's loss. Therefore, the insurance company has the following rights:
o Take appropriate measures to extinguish fires and minimize material damage.
o Log in to take ownership.
Insurance companies are obligated to cover any damage to property during firefighting activities as long as they own it. This is because it is considered a natural and direct result of fire. Therefore, he was tried in the case of Ahmed Boy Habib Hai v. Bombay Fire Marine. Co [8] states that the insurer must assess the level of damage caused by the risk when the insurer compensates for the loss, not when the risk is averted.
(b) Damage due to risk aversion measures.
The loss to the insured as a result of the steps taken to avoid the risk is not the result of that risk and cannot be compensated without the risk of the insured.

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