Atlas of Historical County Boundaries
SUMMARY METADATA:  Washington Historical Counties
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DatasetTitle WashingtonHistorical Counties
DatasetType vector digital data
ServerType W2K, IIS 5.0, ArcIMS 9.x, Tomcat 5.0
CreationDate 2010
LastUpdated 2010-02-12
Descriptive Metadata
Title Washington Historical Counties
Citation.PreferredStyle Kelley, Emily. Washington Historical Counties. Data Set. Laura Rico-Beck, digital comp. Atlas of Historical County Boundaries, ed. by John H. Long. Chicago: The Newberry Library, 2010. Available online from
Creator.PersonalName Kelley, Emily, historical compiler
Subject Washington Historical State and County Boundaries
Description Compilation of all changes in the size, shape, and location of all counties in Washington from the creation of the first one to the end of 2000.  Separate polygon for each version of a county in shapefile format, including attribute table, plus database, supplemental chronologies, bibliography, etc., in textual form.
Publisher The Newberry Library
Contributor.PersonalName Rico-Beck, Laura, digital compiler
Contributor.PersonalName Long, John H., editor
Date 2010
Type Dataset
Format Shapefile
Format.Size 258 polygons,  30.844 MB
Source Laws of Washington and other sources listed in bibliography
Language eng
Coverage.WestBoundingCoordinate -133.194177
Coverage.EastBoundingCoordinate -108.842515
Coverage.NorthBoundingCoordinate 54.680959
Coverage.SouthBoundingCoordinate 41.988006
Coverage.t.early 1843-07-05
Coverage.t.late 2000-12-31
Coverage.PlaceName Washington
Coverage.Spatial.Resolution 1:100,000
Coverage.Spatial.Georeference County
Coverage.Temporal.Interval 1 day
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